Google Analytics Top Keywords Report - dummies

Google Analytics Top Keywords Report

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

The Top Keywords report is one of the most important reports in Google Analytics. This report gives you insights into your blog readers and the most important information you need when you’re preparing your blog to work with advertisers and brands.

To view your Google Analytics reports, log in to your account and simply click the View Report link next to your blog name on your Google Analytics home page. This will bring you to your Dashboard, which gives you the highlights of the most important information in your analytics account.

Your Top Keywords report shows the words and phrases that search engines have associated with your content and used to find your site.

To view the Top Keywords report, go to your Dashboard and on the left menu click Traffic Sources; then click Keywords.

Top Keywords report in Google Analytics.
Top Keywords report in Google Analytics.

The following list describes important aspects of the keywords people use to find your site:

  • Why brands care about your Top Keywords report: If you rank for keywords related to their products or services, they’ll want their name appearing on your site.

  • Why you should care about your Top Keywords report: You want to make sure that the keywords that appear in this report are the ones you want to be associated with you and your content. If you dig deeper into these phrases, you should also be able to uncover reader questions that they may not be asking you in your comments.