Google Analytics Top Content Report

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

The Top Content report is one of the most important reports in Google Analytics. This report shows the most popular posts on your mom blog. Your popular content gives you insight into why your readers come to you. The topics of these posts tell you what people like, even when they don’t comment.

To view your Google Analytics reports, log in to your account and simply click the View Report link next to your blog name on your Google Analytics home page. This will bring you to your Dashboard. Click Content on the left menu, and then click Top Content.

Top Content Report in Google Analytics.
Top Content Report in Google Analytics.

The following list describes why the Top Content report is indispensable to the long-term success of your blog:

  • Why brands care about your Top Content report: Your top content defines your blog for both your readers and your advertisers. You can tell them, “My readers come to me for great quilting tutorials” or “My readers come to me to discuss the political issues important to parents of disabled children” or “My readers come to me to share the humor in potty training a three-year-old.”

  • Why you should care about your Top Content report: You’ll find over time that occasionally the posts you think will be extremely popular will flop, and other posts that seem like an afterthought become your readers’ favorite content. This is incredibly important feedback that you should be using to guide your content strategy.