Google AdSense for Mom Bloggers - dummies

Google AdSense for Mom Bloggers

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

Google AdSense isn’t a mom-oriented ad network, nor is it the best advertising option for most mom blogs. There are certainly exceptions to this, especially if you blog about products or brands. All bloggers who display advertising should have a backup ad provider — and AdSense is a great solution for this need.

AdSense approves almost all applications, especially those from legitimate sites. It works to keep spammers out of its program, but welcomes all publishers of quality content. Plus, almost all ad networks will allow you to simultaneously display AdSense ads, so it can be a good supplemental income, too.

In the past, AdSense had a bad reputation for displaying irrelevant or inappropriate ads, and for being a very poor revenue source. In the last year or so, there have been improvements on all fronts. AdSense has made a successful effort to attract more display advertisers, which are regular banner ads instead of just text ads.

It’s also much better at displaying ads that are very relevant to the content on your page. And AdSense has just rolled out a much more advanced ad-blocking feature that virtually eliminates the worry of inappropriate ads showing up on your blog. You can even block ads from nearly any category you don’t like, even if a particular ad (or category) wouldn’t normally be considered inappropriate.

Some website owners make six and seven figures a year from their AdSense earnings.