Getting to Know the TypePad TypeLists - dummies

Getting to Know the TypePad TypeLists

By Melanie Nelson, Shannon Lowe

Part of TypePad For Dummies Cheat Sheet

In TypePad, you use the TypeList feature to add to your blog’s sidebar. A TypeList is TypePad’s way of organizing sidebar information without requiring you to mess with your blog’s template code. TypeLists enable you to display simple HTML (such as a text link to another blog) or complex coding (such as a search bar) anywhere in your sidebar(s), all without ever having to alter your template code. TypePad uses four types of TypeLists:

  • Link TypeList: This TypeList allows you to post text links in your sidebar. You might, for example, use a Link TypeList to display your blogroll (the list of blogs you most frequently visit). You might also use it to create a “Best Of” section in your sidebar, pointing your readers to the favorite posts you’ve written. This kind of TypeList has endless applications.

  • Notes TypeList: This is the TypeList you’ll use when you’d like to include more complex code (whether written by you or a third party) in your sidebar (for example, a search bar or an image). Anytime you see a TypePad blog that has a graphic image in its sidebar (such as ad space), it has probably been placed there via a Notes TypeList.

  • Books TypeList: Are you an avid reader looking for an easy way to share what you’re reading, what you’ve read in the past, or a list of your favorite books? You can use the Books TypeList for this. It’s similar to a Links TypeList, but it has the additional functionality of allowing you to include your personal book ratings.

  • Album TypeList: Want to share your love of music with your readers? The Album TypeList (similar to the Books TypeList) allows you to share everything from individual songs to entire albums (including how you rate them) with your readers.