Getting to Know the Common Types of Blog Content - dummies

Getting to Know the Common Types of Blog Content

By Susan J. Getgood

Part of Professional Blogging For Dummies Cheat Sheet

For your professional blog, you can use multiple types of blog content, although you probably want to limit yourself to one or two. The type of content you choose isn’t the same thing as the subject matter, topic, or tone. Those are limited only by your imagination and talent. Here are the most popular types of blog content and some examples of blogs that feature them:

  • Essay: Stories, sketches, and anecdotes about daily life. Many personal blogs use this type of content. For example, Mom-101, Woulda Coulda Shoulda, and Young House Love.

  • Review: Straightforward product or service reviews. For example, Z Recommends, Cool Mom Picks, and Try Handmade.

  • Expert: Blog posts that focus on one subject matter, written by one or more experts in the field. They typically have an educational, experiential focus. Blogs by professional services providers — such as public relations agencies, consultants, and attorneys, and corporate blogs — often take this form. For example, Marketing Roadmaps, It’s Not a Lecture, and ReadWriteWeb.

  • Opinion/editorial: A favored form in the political blogosphere. For example, Huffington Post and PunditMom.

  • Shopping: Shopping blogs may have reviews, but the most salient characteristics tend to be explicit links to merchants and product pricing. For example, Want Not and The Green Mom Review.

  • News/events: Everything from news, reports, and analysis to entertainment news, rumors, and gossip. For example, Mashable, MamaPop, and TMZ.