Focus Your Mom Blog on a Target Audience

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

Focusing your blog content on a specific target audience makes your blog attractive to advertisers. Advertisers are more interested in a focused target audience than they are in large numbers. Being focused also works to your advantage as you work to make a name for yourself and build your blogging business. It’s always easier to become a big fish when you’re working in a smaller pond.

It’s a misconception that you’re limiting yourself unduly by focusing on a niche. No one blog can be everything to everyone. In fact, as you get more successful in your niche, you start to become better known to bloggers in other niches as well.

Ironically, it’s quite difficult to choose a niche that’s too small. But if you do, it’s an easier mistake to correct than choosing a topic that’s too broad. If you can conquer one topic, you know what to do to expand into related topics. If you’ve started out with too general a focus, it will be harder to find success at all, and you may get discouraged and stop altogether.

What’s interesting about being focused on a specific topic is that you can have two blogs considered to be in the same category, yet attract very different readers from each other. Todd Fratzel writes the Home Construction and Improvement blog, which offers his expert advice on installing window wells and basic sump pumps.

His blog conveys a very authoritative image and a design that appeals to other readers much like himself: middle-aged males.

Todd Fratzel’s home-improvement blog attracts an older male audience.
Todd Fratzel’s home-improvement blog attracts an older male audience.

Now look at Remodelaholic, written by a mom named Cassity: She features reader-submitted “before” and “after” photographs of home-improvement projects, room decorating ideas, and project tutorials. Her blog clearly attracts young and middle-aged women, many of whom are moms. You can see how different her blog looks.

The Remodelaholic home improvement blog attracts women and moms.
The Remodelaholic home improvement blog attracts women and moms.

As you develop your blog idea into a solid business, it’ll be advantageous — not only to attract readers who are interested in specific topics, but also to appeal to a specific demographic. (A demographic is a group of people who have similar lifestyles.)

Why? Because these are the kinds of things that make blogs attractive to advertisers and sponsors. Identifying your target demographic also makes it easier for you to identify and find opportunities that can help your blogging business grow.