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Find Link Parties to Promote Your Mom Blog

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

A great way to get your best blog posts in front of new readers is to participate in link parties. A link party is when a blog that usually has a good amount of traffic hosts an event in which other bloggers are invited to post a link to a blog post they would like featured.

Link parties are most commonly found on DIY and how-to blogs, but there are thousands of them all over the web. These parties have themes, so they’re only appropriate when you’ve already written a post that fits with the theme of the link party.

Such parties can get hundreds of entries, so they are beneficial to both the host blog and those of all bloggers who get featured. The I Am an Organizing Junkie blog hosts a weekly Menu Plan Monday link party that’s very successful.


When a blog hosts a link party, the host blog gets a lot of traffic from all her readers who come to her blog to participate. The bloggers who submit their links get a lot of traffic from the link party because everyone is encouraged to visit each other’s blog posts.

You can find new link parties by simply searching for link parties on any search engine. First-time participants should be sure to read through the party guidelines, which provide the blogging etiquette tips suggested to all participants. Amanda Formaro has two blogs, Crafts by Amanda and Amanda’s Cookin’. Amanda has a whole system set up to make the most out of participating in link parties. Here are her tips:

  • Bookmark the parties and sort them by day, so that you can sit down for just 10 minutes every morning and submit to the parties available that day.

  • Choose the best photo possible for your thumbnail to encourage people to visit your site.

  • It’s common courtesy to link back to the link party, and may even be required for participation.

Amanda gets thousands of visitors to both of her blogs, every month, from her participation in these link parties, so her work pays off. She also says that the visitors who come from them tend to be the very best kind of readers she wants to have: They comment and frequently subscribe to her RSS feed.