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Examples of Affiliate Marketing Used Successfully for Mom Blogs

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

Writing authentic, truthful product reviews and recommendations is the most important talent a blogging affiliate marketer can have. Say you have a blog with good traffic, and you have a blog on which talking about products is a fit with your content.

Tiffany Washko has been blogging since 2005 and earns a living from affiliate links on her NatureMoms.com blog. Tiffany’s advice is dead-on accurate for bloggers new to affiliate marketing. She says

[You need to build] a truly GREAT blog with useful content that people WANT to read. While you do need to be a salesperson to make affiliate sales, you shouldn’t be obvious about it or make every post about trying to sell something. A balance is needed. If your readers enjoy reading what you write and they trust you as a source of information, they’re more likely to click your affiliate links and buy.

Striking that balance between selling and creating compelling content isn’t for everyone.

Even Tiffany found that it took time to build her site to the point that she could earn a living from it. Money trickled in slowly, at first just enough to cover her hosting and site-maintenance fees. It wasn’t until two years later that she earned enough revenue from her blog to make her friends and family sit up and take notice.

NatureMoms now keeps growing every year, and her persistence has paid off. You can see an example of one of her most financially successful blog posts here.

The blog NatureMoms.

Although reviews are both compelling and effective, they aren’t the only way to create a successful affiliate blog. Char Polanosky created DollDiaries.com in late 2006 as a way to share her and her daughters’ passion for American Girl dolls — and sharing information she got about upcoming doll releases and news.

It took her a while to figure out how to actually make money from this blog. Her turning point came in May 2007, when she posted about a rumor of a new historical doll that was scheduled to come out in September 2007. Her traffic boomed — and the site was established as a favorite for doll fans.

It wasn’t long before the big doll makers started to take notice. Because her blog was so focused on a tight niche, it was the ideal place for several big-name advertisers to promote their newest dolls. She began supplementing her affiliate-marketing income with advertising income in 2009.

Home screen of the blog Doll Diaries.

Char has expanded her content to talk about all things related to dolls — accessories, doll-themed birthday parties, free doll printables, reviews, coupons, and especially collectable dolls. She credits her success to her passion for dolls, focusing on a narrow topic and audience, and her ability to get creative and look beyond a typical “mommy blog” format.