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Essential Online Community Manager Tasks: Write, Edit, and Market

By Deborah Ng

People in online community management talk a lot about the many hats worn by today’s community managers. The hat-wearing thing is a common metaphor because community managers aren’t sitting at a desk handling one task at a time. Even with the ever-changing roles, most community managers can expect to fulfill some core tasks.

How to write or edit for an online community

Being a writer and editor isn’t the same thing as being a content creator. Although you’re required to create content for your community, you don’t necessarily have to get out the formal tone or the red pencil when you’re writing a blog post. As community manager, you need to be a great communicator and have a terrific command of grammar.

Because you’re representing the community with your words, you have to be careful not to make any mistakes or typos that cause someone to call you out online. This happens all the time. One minute, you’re sending out a newsletter, and the next minute, a member is ridiculing you on her blog for spelling a word wrong.

As the voice of your community and public representative of your brand, you have to submit the cleanest copy possible. When the writing is over, put on your editing hat.

How to market to an online community

Because you know so much about what makes your community tick, you’re a regular fixture in marketing meetings and marketing-team planning sessions. The team members want your input because you know so many details that they don’t, such as these:

  • The median age of your members

  • The common locations where your members reside

  • The topics and campaigns that receive the biggest responses

  • The best search terms that leading to your website and community pages

  • What your community members are saying about you online

  • What your community members are writing to you about in their e-mails

You’re managing your community’s stats and use, and have valuable information regarding their habits. Marketing needs the same information to better plan sales and promotions. In fact, it shouldn’t put together any campaign without your input.