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Essential Manager Tasks: How to Plan Online Community Events

By Deborah Ng

Online communities don’t gather only online; they get together offline as well. As community manager, you may be tasked with setting up a variety of events.

If you’re someone who enjoys planning parties and meeting people, you’ll enjoy this aspect of your job. Not only will you have fun putting together meetups and tweetups, finding a venue, and inviting your community members, but you’ll also have to attend the events you put together.

In some cases, you may have to travel to plan parties in other locations. Traveling to meet and greet members of the community is often cited as a favorite part of the community manager’s job.

Event planning isn’t only fun and games, however, and not every community event is a party. You may also assist in putting together more serious functions:

  • Conferences

  • Lectures

  • Fund-raisers

  • Awards ceremonies

  • Luncheons or dinners

Most likely, you’ll be involved only in affairs that have to do with your community, not those that involve other departments. Also, not all brands host events for their communities. If there’s an occasion for your brand and your members to meet offline, however, it’ll probably fall to you to help put it all together.