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Essential Items in a Blogger’s Food-Styling Kit

By Kelly Senyei

Part of Food Blogging For Dummies Cheat Sheet

A food-styling kit — an essential tool for food bloggers — helps you stage food for photographs. Here’s a short list of tools for your food-styling kit, but remember that these tools are for food styling and not food preparation. All food bloggers have their unique needs and preferences, so pick and choose appropriately:

  • Paper towels: Arguably every food stylists’ best friend, paper towels are used for everything from blotting up messes to safeguarding from drips.

  • Windex: From removing a sticky residue on a surface to providing streak-free shine on a cocktail glass, there really are fewer all-purpose solutions than Windex.

  • Salt: Salt is not only effective as a seasoning, but its larger flake varieties make for great garnishes. Insider tip: Add a pinch of salt to a flat beer or glass of Champagne to create the perfect bubbly foam. Keep in mind that this also makes the beverage undrinkable (to most).

  • Q-tips: Q-tips allow for precise clean-ups. Keep a handful of them at your disposal to clean inside cocktail and Champagne glasses, to soak up unwanted liquids, or to swiftly clear excess crumbs.

  • Paintbrush: Get in touch with your inner Monet by swapping paints for olive oil. A few brushstrokes of the golden liquid on your seared meats and vegetables adds a glistening glow, one stroke at a time.

  • Long tweezers: They might look like a tool from sixth grade science class, but ten-inch tweezers are food stylists’ go-to instrument for every task from placing individual peas in a pasta dish to stacking ice cubes in a tall pitcher.

  • Candlewax: The tacky property of candlewax makes it the perfect tool for securing small props in place, such as affixing silverware at an angle on a plate.