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Encourage Your Blog Visitors to Digg Your Content

Digg is a great tool for keeping tabs on what is popular and interesting online, especially in blogs, but the ultimate goal is to have your own posting featured on the front page, and benefiting from the flood of traffic and visitors that then comes your way. This is called being dugg.

Think of a newspaper that’s created by what you and your friends think is interesting and important. In theory, Digg users select the most interesting content found on the Internet — hopefully, content that’s worth paying attention to.

Getting dugg is a blogger’s dream come true and worst nightmare rolled into a single moment. Getting a blog post dugg on the Web attracts attention and traffic, and your blog gets lots of visits from people who might never have come to your blog otherwise. But nothing is ever free: All that extra traffic can put a real load on your Web server.

Web sites have been known to crash, taking the site offline. Even if that doesn’t happen, your Web host might have to charge you extra bandwidth costs for the additional pages of your blog that get served.

To encourage people to Digg your site, customize your blog software to include a Digg This icon. Blog visitors can simply click the Digg icon and blast your blog to the front page of Digg.com!