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Don’t Use Your Mom Blog to Pursue Fame for Fame’s Sake

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

When really successful mom bloggers appear on TV, in magazines, or are mentioned in the New York Times, that level of media coverage seems to be all a blogger needs to ensure success. When that many people see you in the national spotlight, you naturally assume that it means traffic will roll in, advertisers will line up, and publishers will fight over who gets the book deal with you.

Well . . . The reality is that the traffic comes when you’re on TV, and the next day it’s gone. Advertisers rarely — if ever — come knocking on anyone’s door (even the largest Internet media property, Yahoo!, still needs a sales team). And if you really have what it takes to get a great book deal, you’ll get it whether or not you’ve appeared on the Today Show.

It takes a lot of time and energy to become Internet-famous. It takes even more time and energy to stay Internet-famous. Pursuing publicity for yourself and your blog can be a full-time job, and publicity doesn’t pay the bills. Only a strong and active business model can do that.

Publicity is something to pursue only after you have something to sell. That “something” may be your own products, your own services, or advertising and sponsorships. You must have a goal — and be able to get something tangible out of getting your message in front of thousands (or millions) of people.

Publicity will certainly help to build awareness of your blog, but if you don’t have existing advertisers or a product to offer, all those people may come to your blog, but then they’ll go, leaving nothing behind. Make sure your blogging business model is in place before you take the time and effort to publicize yourself. Otherwise you have a horse with no cart to pull.