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Don’t Turn Your Mom Blog into a 24/7 Infomercial

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

As your readership grows, more opportunities will come your way. You might have to create a second blog just for reviews and product features. This solution is great for readers, but unfortunately, isn’t as attractive to advertisers. They know that your regular readers won’t pay as much attention to a review blog, which functions much like a television channel that shows commercials 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Yet there really are many product-and-review blogs that are well done and are very successful. These blogs have a few things in common that make them work well:

  • They are extremely picky about the products they choose to write about: Great product blogs don’t review every product they receive. They instead choose high-quality, relevant products that they know will appeal to their readers. They probably turn down more products than they actually write about.

  • They write engaging content: Reviews can be informational and trustworthy, but they can also be boring to read. Great reviews are written in an engaging way that makes them enjoyable to read.

    It’s kind of like the difference between an average commercial and the Super Bowl commercials: If you’re going to be a great review blogger, you want all your blog posts to be as entertaining as a Super Bowl ad.

  • They put their readers’ interests first: Good product blogs take the feedback of their readers and use it to ensure that they’re delivering the content their readers want. That means sometimes turning down some tempting opportunities when there’s only something in it for you and not for your audience.

  • They follow best practices: All blogging best practices, not just those that apply to review bloggers. Top-drawer bloggers have a strong brand, a professional appearance, quality writing, relevant advertisers, consistent content, and so on.