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Don’t Neglect Mom Blogging Basics

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

After blogging for a few years, you might begin to skip some basic blogging tasks such as responding to comments, commenting on other blogs, building new relationships with other bloggers, and staying on top of site maintenance.

Just because some tasks are basic blogging skills, they’re not just for beginner blogs. They are basic because they are what built the industry — and because they continue to be extremely effective marketing tactics. Here are some of the things you need to be sure you keep up with:

  • Respond to comments: It may not be realistic to respond to every comment (especially when you’re established and have multiple blogs you maintain), but when a conversation starts on your blog, you should be a part of it. Be sure to answer direct questions, because if one reader has asked it, there are surely other readers who are wondering the same thing.

  • Comment on other blogs: Commenting on others’ blogs keeps people aware of your site and can still send traffic back to your blog. Additionally, all bloggers love comments, and many times comments lead to conversations, friendships, links, and future partnerships.

  • Thanking people for links: When you have multiple writers, a considerable number of links might come in on a regular basis from other blogs. It can become difficult to keep up with them. Make time to say, “Thank you.” A link is extremely valuable and isn’t given lightly.

  • Linking out to other blogs: Don’t get lazy about linking to other people. It’s absolutely true that the more you link to others, the more they link to you.

  • Blog maintenance: After you’ve been blogging for a while, you’ll find that your categories may get cluttered, you’ll have too many tags that are only used once, old links get broken, or links you’ve created can point to pages on other sites that are very different from where they first were intended to appear (sometimes in the worst possible way!).

    Not only do these things create a bad user experience, but if left undone, they can lead search engines to drop your site rank or drop you out of the index altogether.