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Diversify Your Mom Blogging Business Interests

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

Unfortunately, there are too many ways to make the mistake of putting all your eggs in one basket. Losing one big advertiser can cut your revenue down to zero. Relying too much, say, on Google for your traffic can be devastating if Google happens to decide to change its ranking algorithm.

Relying on one really great gimmick can make your blog start to seem unoriginal as more people start using the same gimmick. Selling only one kind of product or service leaves you vulnerable to changing trends and economic environments.

Far too many things can affect your blog in unforeseeable ways. For example, Illinois recently passed a new state tax law that would require Internet businesses to collect taxes on purchases that originate with an Illinois-based affiliate marketer.

Because this sort of tracking is a logistical nightmare for many e-commerce sites, they went away: Instead of complying with the new tax collection rules, they ended their relationships with all their Illinois-based affiliates.

It takes a lot of work to find ways to diversify your income, develop a plan of action, and put new systems in place. But doing so will make your blog a source of income that you can truly rely on, rather than a gravy train that dries up with no notice. Here are some more ways you can protect yourself from future changes in the blogging industry:

  • Work with multiple advertisers or ad networks if at all possible: You should also sell your own advertising if your ad networks allow it.

  • Develop multiple sources of site traffic: Strive to have 33 percent come from search engines, 33 percent come from other sites, and 33 percent come from bookmarks or entries directly typed in. Google may be a huge traffic driver to your blog, but it changes the way it ranks sites hundreds of times every year.

    You never know when one of those changes could knock you down to page 3 after you’ve spent a while on page 1.

  • Develop a mailing list: Not only can newsletters be another source of traffic for your sites, but they can also be a very effective way to increase sales. People who are willing to give you their e-mail addresses are your most loyal fans and are most interested in what you have to offer.

  • Develop diverse products and services to sell: If you’re a consultant, develop e-products or small introductory service packages for low-end purchases. If you sell crafts on Etsy, you can also sell your own templates, patterns, and unused supplies.

  • Sell in multiple online marketplaces: Even if you have your own shopping cart on your blog, you can also sell on eBay, Etsy, or other online marketplaces. That way, if one of your stores somehow loses traffic, you’ve already established stores in other locations to rely upon.