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Deliver Value to Your Mom Blog Advertisers

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

Just putting an advertisement in front of your readers doesn’t mean that you’re offering your advertisers the best value for their dollars. You must have a good alignment between your advertisers and the interests of your readers.

If you have a blog about your adventures with newborn twins, it’s likely that most of your readers are in an age range and phase of life similar to yours. So ads targeted at moms who are empty-nesters won’t get the same sort of response as they would on a blog such as The Roaming Boomers, a travel blog by and for retired couples.

Here’s one more big reason to focus your blog on a niche: doing so not only enables you to sell advertising more effectively to sponsors, but also makes it easy for you to deliver value to your advertisers. As you focus on your own specific niche, you become an increasingly valuable place for companies to advertise, even when you don’t think your blog is big enough yet.

Ultimately, you want your advertisers to be happy, so anything you can do to help their ads get better results will encourage them to stick with you. Here are some of the ways you can do that and increase the value of the advertising you sell:

  • Mention your advertisers in a periodic Thank You to Our Sponsors post. Just be careful to follow the same NoFollow guidelines as you would when selling regular text links.

  • Rotate ad placements. If you have several advertisers and the older ads are pushing the newer ads lower on the page, you can rotate the ads that appear at the top of your pages — and have a sequence of whose ads get to be there. This gives all your advertisers equal access to the prime real estate in your sidebar.

  • Offer to let advertisers run different versions of their ads. This is a more sophisticated solution that you can offer if you are using an ad server. Ad servers allow your advertisers to display multiple versions of their ads, and they will even give automatic preference to the ads that get the most clicks.

You can do some handy things — for openers, you can include social media promotion, create custom content, or participate in other campaigns that the advertiser is working on.