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Decide to Write Reviews on Your Mom Blog

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

If writing a review blog is your long-term goal and brings in enough revenue and/or freebies that it makes your blogging time worthwhile, then there is no doubt that writing reviews fits with your business goals. Getting free stuff from brand representatives is something anyone would appreciate.

Writing reviews is also a good way to work toward becoming a spokesblogger, brand evangelist, or brand consultant. The relationships you will form on this path can certainly lead to very lucrative opportunities. Reviews are also an excellent selling tool if you want to be an affiliate marketer.

There are times, though, when writing reviews doesn’t make sense for a blog, or can actively hinder your blog’s growth. If your blog is meant to be a source of unbiased news and information, stick to more strict journalistic standards.

In this circumstance, an advertorial that appears alongside your regular content would be more appropriate. An advertorial is a story written to promote an advertiser, usually composed by the advertiser, and clearly labeled as such.

Another instance when it doesn’t make sense for you to write reviews on your blog is when you are promoting your own products or services. There may certainly be occasions when this kind of content would be appropriate, such as when the product would be of very high interest to your readers and doesn’t compete with your own sales goals. But this would be the exception, not the norm.

Your business model and editorial content should be at the very top of your priorities as a blogger. Anything and everything you do should be true to your editorial policy and build your business. If taking freebies and writing reviews contribute to these goals, then you should absolutely pursue them. If not, then you should turn down these opportunities, even though it can be extremely hard to say no.