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How to Create Non-Text Tumblr Posts

By Amy Lupold Bair

Loving the idea of diving into the blogging world on Tumblr without spending huge amounts of time on content creation? Want to share your creativity with the world without writing a ton of text? One of the best-loved features of Tumblr is the ability for users to create quick content that requires little time and little-to-no writing whatsoever! There are seven types of posts available to your Tumblr blog and they include the following:

  • Text: Text posts on Tumblr are very similar to traditional blog posts both in creation and in appearance to readers.
  • Photo: The perfect post style for the budding photographer, photo posts allow you to post one photo or a set of images in blog post form.
  • Quote: Want to share a quote from a favorite movie or book? Publish an original poem? Inspired by a famous quote? The quote post style is often used for these very reasons.
  • Link: It is possible to simply share a URL with the Tumblr-reading world!
  • Chat: Although this post type is called Chat, it is not actually a place for Tumblr users to engage in conversation. The purpose of this type of post is to copy and paste a chat that you had online via another platform.
  • Audio: Have something to say to the world and don’t feel like typing it? Tumblr audio posts are a way to do just that.
  • Video: Have something to say to the world, don’t feel like typing it, and don’t mind if the world sees you? Tumblr video posts allow you to share your favorite videos with your readers — or viewers!
tumblr posting menu
The Tumblr posting menu allows users to choose from seven types of posts.

Love something that you see on another Tumblr blog? Unlike traditional blogging where you should never consider grabbing another blogger’s content and posting it on your site, Tumblr users often reblog each other’s content. Every Tumblr blog post has a reblog button in the bottom right-hand corner, which you can use to place that content on your blog. Reblog away!