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Create Mom Blog Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

Give brand representatives a menu of what you offer as a blogger; you will make it easier to work with you than nearly every other blogger on the planet.

If you had to go into a restaurant and provide the waitstaff with the recipe of what you wanted to eat because they had no menu, you probably wouldn’t dine there very often. Think of your sponsorship opportunities in the same manner.

A blogger who has done an excellent job of packaging her professional services is Barbara Rozgonyi on WiredPRWorks. One of her Services pages tell her potential clients exactly what they can hire her to do, while leaving open the option of hiring her for other projects related to her areas of expertise.

The following are examples of how you could write up your own sponsorship opportunities for common mom-blogging services — reviews and giveaways:

  • Review requests

    I only write reviews about products that women who are interested in cooking would find valuable. I will only accept a review request in which I am free to give an honest opinion about your product or service. You must provide me with a sample of the product.

    Please do not send unsolicited samples, as I cannot guarantee that a review will be written under those circumstances. Reviews will be posted within two weeks of receiving your product. I do not charge a fee for reviews, but invite you to look also at my giveaway opportunities to increase your exposure to my audience.

    Please submit your review request via my contact form.

  • Giveaway opportunities

    I host weekly giveaways that regularly attract over 500 entries. Giveaway sponsors must be willing to ship prizes directly to giveaway winners. I run contests with several different entry options to help promote your company.

    • Giveaways with simple blog-comment entries are $50, and the fee is waived if the giveaway item has a retail value of over $200.

    • Giveaways with the entry requirement to visit the sponsor website and browse your product line are $300.

    • Giveaways with multiple entry options that include following the sponsor account on Twitter, Liking the sponsor Facebook page, or signing up for the sponsor newsletter are $500.

    Please submit your giveaway request via my contact form.

The dollar amounts in the preceding sample may be too low or too high for you; these are fairly average amounts for giveaways. If you don’t want to name your rates directly on your website, you can just say something like “Contact me for my 2011 giveaway rates.”