Create a Mom Blog Page for Brand Representatives - dummies

Create a Mom Blog Page for Brand Representatives

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

A great way to lay out the welcome mat for brand representatives is to direct them to a page created just for them on your mom blog. You can call it your Press page or Brand Inquiries page, or whatever works for you.

This is like a second About page — but with a bio and information relevant to brand representatives, which is not the same as what your readers are interested in. Brand representatives don’t have a lot of time to sift through tons of information to determine whether or not they want to contact you. Put the most important information (from their point of view) first — and keep it short and sweet.

The things you would include on this kind of page are

  • Professional bio: Three to five sentences on what makes you different from the other bloggers — and specific past experience that strengthens your street cred.

  • Blog description: Three to five sentences on what your blog is about, the kind of readers your blog attracts, and what your blog offers to brands and advertisers.

  • A media kit: A simple brochure-style document with information on your traffic, your readers, and specific advertising opportunities.

  • How you work with brands: A list of the ways you are willing to work with brands — this can include anything from reviews, giveaways, product placements, spokesblogger opportunities, advertising, social media promotions, consulting, freelance writing — anything you want to be hired for.

As much as many of us would like to be hired for “all of the above,” list only the things you are 100percent confident that you can do and do well. For example, if you want to be a spokesblogger but don’t know anything about what this kind of commitment entails, leave it off your list until you have enough experience to deliver the value you promise.

If you’re okay with publishing your phone number, put it on your Press page. Again, this is making it brain-dead easy for brand representatives to contact you. Most will e-mail you, but some prefer to pick up the phone.

Make sure you place a link to your Press page in your site navigation or in your sidebar. Also mention it on your regular About and Contact pages so that brand representatives can find the page they want from multiple places on your blog.