Create a Custom Affiliate URL with Pretty Link Lite - dummies

Create a Custom Affiliate URL with Pretty Link Lite

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

Quite a few WordPress plugins, such as Pretty Link Lite, were created specifically to help affiliate marketers. Product catalog affiliate links are usually your best bet for making an affiliate sale. The drawback to such links is that they tend to expire every few months.

Here’s how to use Pretty Link Lite to create a custom affiliate URL for your blog:

1Download and install the Pretty Link Lite WordPress plugin.

With Pretty Link Lite, you can create custom affiliate links with your own blog URL.

2Go to the Pretty Link Lite admin panel by clicking the Pretty Link button at the bottom of the left column of your WordPress Dashboard.

Click the Add a Pretty Link hyperlink at the top of the page.

3Create and copy an affiliate link from an affiliate network to your Clipboard.

Make an affiliate link from any affiliate program.

4Go to Pretty Link and paste your affiliate link code into the Target URL text box.

Type in the Pretty Link name. The plugin automatically generates a three-character suggestion. Instead, you might name the link with a few words that let readers know what the link is for. For example, you can use doll-coupon-code or best-buy-laptop. Make sure you don’t use spaces, underscores, or slashes. Only letters, hyphens, and numbers will work.

5Type a title in the Title field so that you can remember what this link is used for.

You can do the same (optionally) in the Description text field. This is for your organizational purposes only; the title won’t be viewable to your blog visitors.

6Click the Create button.

When you want to use one of your Pretty Link affiliate links in a blog post, simply go to your Pretty Link Dashboard and copy the Pretty Link URL and paste that code into your post.