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Choose Web-Safe Fonts for Your Blog

By Melissa Culbertson

When you flip through a magazine, those fonts have essentially become images printed onto a page. And on the web, text within graphical elements (like a logo) work the same way.

However, content text is different. Online, from one computer to the next, content text — blog post titles and paragraphs within your blog posts, for example — can display differently.

How’s that again? Fonts don’t necessarily look the same on all computers? What’s with that? The reason is that your neighbor’s computer might not have the same fonts installed that your computer has. If you purchase and install a font that your neighbor doesn’t have and then use that font in your blog design, your blog font may look great on your computer but be replaced with a monospace font on his.

All computers come with a small selection of web-safe fonts, and these fonts are safe to use for your content text. If you don’t want to explore font embedding, then sticking with common web-safe fonts such as the following ones can ensure your blog looks consistent across computers and other devices:

  • Arial

  • Courier

  • Georgia

  • Times New Roman

  • Trebuchet MS

  • Verdana