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Change a Personal Mom Blog into a Business

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

To take your personal blog and turn it into a business, two of the most important things you can do are grow thicker skin and consciously start looking at your blog objectively from an outsider’s point of view.

Blogging is a personal business, and your personality is the greatest asset of your business. But you may find that some things are just too important to you to risk making them a part of your professional life.

Successful bloggers pour their hearts and souls into their blogging businesses. Blogs aren’t just an online journal of personal events — many times they are an expression of who you are as a person. This can make it difficult to be impartial when your highly subjective content must be analyzed objectively from a business point of view. And it makes it even harder to not take criticism or setbacks personally.

For many bloggers, that may mean shifting content around into a more user-friendly format and putting up more formal boundaries between personal life and business. It doesn’t mean you have to stop being personal — far from it.

On a larger scale, it’s important to pay attention to how exactly you plan on making money off your personal writings. You want to think carefully about what exactly you’re selling on your blog. Even if you aren’t selling products, you may be selling advertising or your own services.

How will your personal opinions affect your ability to market yourself? In some cases, a blog with controversial content may have a hard time finding advertisers. Other times, you want to put policies in place to ensure that you aren’t giving your readers an impression that your opinions are for sale.