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Build a Mom Blog That’s Sellable

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

If your long-term goal is to sell your blog, you should build it with that goal in mind. Avoid associating your blog too strongly with your personal brand. A blog that can be valuable with any writer at the helm needs to meet most, if not all, of the following criteria:

  • The blog is focused on a mainstream topic, or group of topics.

  • The blog already has a team of contributing writers.

  • The blog has an established track record of predictable income.

  • The blog has an existing readership and consistent high volume of traffic.

Additionally, if your current blog is successful in any of the following ways, it could limit your ability to sell your blog:

  • Your blog has a vibrant reader community that is invested in a relationship with the writer. If your blog’s readers come to interact with you, or because of you, they probably won’t come back to your blog if you sell it to someone else. Additionally, if your readers are more interested in you and your community than in your specific content, they’ll probably follow you to wherever you go next.

  • Your blog’s primary source of income comes from anything except straight advertising, affiliate marketing, or product sales. Endorsements, blogger-outreach campaigns, spokesperson positions, and integrated social media campaigns can pay very well. But when the campaign relies specifically on your participation, brands are paying to be associated with your personal brand, not with your blog’s brand.

    Personal brands are definitely not transferable. The only income that another person can replicate comes via methods that do not rely on you.

  • Your personal brand is very well known and you don’t plan on remaining a part of the future of the blog.