Branding Your Blog - dummies

By Amy Lupold Bair

Branding your blog goes a long way towards making if recognizable to your readers. When you see a red dot inside a red circle, what store comes to mind? How about those golden arches? Does a particular brand name come to mind when you see the swoosh symbol?

Just like popular stores, restaurants, and shoe companies, bloggers need to think about their personal brand. Your blog is far more than words on a page. Your blog is a snapshot of who you are, what you’re trying to communicate to the world in a quick snippet of information. Taking time to think about your blog’s branding and how to convey that to readers may take potential visitors and turn them into regular members of your reading audience.

Telling them what you’re going to tell them

Middle school teachers instruct students on writing an informative essay. One of the first things a middle schoolers needs to know is to tell readers what you were going to tell them. You want visitors to your blog to know immediately what they’ll find if they spend some time clicking around your site.

One way to make this clear is with a great tagline for your site. Nancy Friedman’s blog, From Hip to Housewife, uses the tagline “on aging and momming and my twenty year quest to lose the same ten pounds.” Readers know immediately that they’re going to find a specific kind of content if they stick around long enough to read a post.

Showing them what you’re going to show them

As you may have figured out by now, blogs are a very visual medium and have as much to do with what readers see as with the words they read. Effective blog branding includes using visual elements of a blog to convey your blog’s purpose to readers at a glance.

The image below showcases the site The Centsible Life by author Kelly Whalen. Everything from the title, to the logo, to the quick author bio in the sidebar shows the reader quite clearly that time spent reading this particular blog is meant to bring readers financial savings. Think about what you want readers to know about your blog at first glance, and then play around with ways to convey that visually on your site.

Centsible Life
The Centsible Life shows potential readers what they can expect from the site.