Blog Development Checklist - dummies

By Susan J. Getgood

Part of Professional Blogging For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From thinking of a name and finding a webhost to writing your first blog post, you’ve got a few things to do before your blog is up and running. Use this checklist to keep track of the important tasks of blog development:

Blog name, hosting, and platform

  • Create your blog name and tagline.

  • Develop a list of domain name candidates.

  • Register your domain name.

  • Choose your blogging software

    • Hosted services:

      Create your account.

    • Self-hosted blogs:

      Order (or modify existing) Web hosting.

      Install your blogging software.

Designing your blog

  • Write your blog specification. Be sure to include things like your preferred color palette and format (one column, two-column, and so on).

  • Choose a design option:

    • Do it yourself.

    • Use a blog template:

      Find templates, usually by searching online.

      Pick/purchase your template.

    • Work with a blog designer:

      Find blog designers (search online or ask your friends for referrals).

      Hire your designer.

  • Develop a masthead.

Creating your content

  • Create an editorial calendar for your posts. Include:

    • Type of posts — reviews, essays, opinion, and so on.

    • Frequency for each type.

    • Schedule.

  • Create a blogroll.

  • Write posts:

    • Headlines matter. Use descriptive language and, when possible, search engine friendly keywords.

    • Use categories to make it easier for people to find interesting content on your blog.

    • Use tags to make it easier for search engines to index your site.

    • Link to other blogs whenever it makes sense for your post.

    • Use spell check and proofread.