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Benefits of Conferences for Online Community

By Deborah Ng

Conferences can be expensive to attend, but they’re a good investment for online community managers in both business and personal branding. You see, you’re not only there on behalf of your company, but your name is also getting “out there” among peers and potential community members as the voice and face behind the brand.

It’s good for people to get to know you personally because it instills trust to see a real live person and not just a social networking account. Some community managers are very well known, and if they’re ever in the market for a new career opportunity, it serves well in their favor.

When your name is synonymous with your brand, your community, and community management in general, some interesting things happen:

  • People who like you in person want to follow you to your community.

  • When people see your name on a social network such as Twitter or Google+, they want to be friends online.

  • People who have heard you speak in public at a conference or professional event may follow you online to learn more about what you do.

  • When people meet you in person, they feel more connected, as if you’re their real-time friend.

  • When you have good personal connections, you have good community connections. In fact, some of the people you meet may not be in the market to join an online community, but will join yours as a show of support.

When you attend professional or consumer events, either as a speaker or attendee, the people who use your brand feel they know it better.

If you’re warm, genuine, and outgoing, they’re going to equate you with the brand and want to be a part of your community. They’re going to want to follow you online and participate in your conversations. This type of trust goes a long way as you grow your reputation as a community manager.