Basics of a Squarespace Blog Account - dummies

Basics of a Squarespace Blog Account

By Amy Lupold Bair, Susannah Gardner

The best way to begin your Squarespace blogging experience is through the 14-day free trial offered by this blogging platform. Should you choose to stay with Squarespace for the long term, however, you should know that unlike Blogger and Tumblr, this platform does not remain free. Prices begin at $8 per month when billed annually and go up to $30 per month for business sites.

To begin the creation of your Squarespace account, visit the platform at and click Get Started.


How to select a blog template

Choose a template to begin the creation of your Squarespace blog. Although you may select any template you like, Squarespace categorizes templates that might specifically suit the following categories:

  • Businesses

  • Portfolios

  • Stores

  • Restaurants

  • Personal

Before selecting a template, you may choose to view that template both as a screenshot and as a live preview, which allows you to dive deeper into the features of the template before making a selection. To choose the template you’d like to use, simply click that design and then select “Start with this design.”


It’s time to create your account! Provide the following information and select Finish & Create Site to finish your initial account setup:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • E-mail address

  • Password

How to choose a blog site name

Congratulations, you have a Squarespace blog account! It’s now time to select a name for your blog and dive into creating content. On your main account page, select the gear icon on the left sidebar to select a blog name.


Use this Basic Information area in your settings to customize the following:

  • Site Name

  • Site Description

  • Meta Description: Use this area to describe your site in one or two short sentences that will appear in search engines.

  • Logo Image

  • Browser or Favicon Image

  • Blog Subject or Type

  • Contact Phone Number

  • Contact E-mail

  • Physical Location

How to add blog content

To begin adding content to your blog, select the content manager icon in your Squarespace sidebar. Squarespace provides you with a sample Welcome Page, which you can edit by clicking the gear icon. In contrast to other blog platforms, Squarespace pages are comprised of blocks of content.

You can change the look of your pages by adding, removing, and altering those content blocks. During the editing process, feel free to give this page any title you want, including keeping the Welcome heading.


After you’ve titled your blog, select Add Post in the upper-right corner. You can now title your post and add content using a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) format similar to most blog platforms. From this location, you can also elect to do the following:

  • Allow comments

  • Add tags or categories

  • Add a thumbnail image

  • Change the author name

  • Create a post excerpt

  • Choose to make the post featured content

  • Link the post title to an external location

  • Add your geographical blogging location

  • Choose which social media accounts should automatically promote the blog post after it’s published


How to upload images to your blog

In contrast to some blog platforms, Squarespace allows you to upload images directly to the content where you want the image to appear. For example, if you’re creating a Squarespace gallery, page, or blog post, you simply add the image directly to the block or area where you want it to appear rather than having to upload the image to a special location just for media.

To add any content other than text to your blog post, including images, select the plus (+) button in the bottom-right corner of your editing window. To add an image to your post, select the image block from the plus (+) button menu.

You are now able to either drag and drop your image into the content block or upload an image file. When your image has been added, you can choose to do any of the following before selecting Save:

  • Add an image caption

  • Name the image file

  • Change the size of the image

  • View the image in a lightbox

  • Connect a URL to the image


The drag-and-drop option to add images is becoming more and more popular. If you’re used to uploading files to add graphics to your content, now may be a great time to give the drag-and-drop method a try!

How to import content from other blog platforms

One of the most exciting features of the Squarespace platform is the ability to import content from other blog platforms. For example, should you choose to move from a Blogger blog to a Squarespace site, Squarespace has methods in place to make that happen quite easily.

To import content from another platform, you need to access your settings menu by selecting the gear icon on your sidebar:

  1. Select Import/Export.

  2. Click the Import Site button in the upper-right corner.

  3. Select the platform from which you want to import content.

  4. Follow the steps specific to your particular platform and select Begin Importing.

Should you choose to move your Squarespace blog to a different platform for any reason, you can export your content using the same menu.

Squarespace offers a free, 14-day trial and the option to export your content elsewhere should you decide to move your blog to a different platform.