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Attract New Readers with Social Media

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

As a mom blogger, promoting yourself and your sites on Twitter and Facebook is as necessary as having a blog. Not too long ago, Facebook was only open to college students, and Twitter didn’t even publicly exist. Back then, bloggers socialized on each other’s blogs and not on social networks, which fostered a community that thrived on linking to each other, commenting, and carrying on conversations via blog posts.

As Twitter and Facebook became more widely adopted, it became much easier for the more personal conversations to move to the social networks. Because so many bloggers used Facebook and Twitter, they became a common meeting place, much like the office water cooler.

This moved the chit-chat off of blogs and into the social media space, and blog posts and comments became more focused conversations. Instead of linking to posts we liked on our blogs, bloggers would share them on the social networks because it was faster and easier to do so.

There are some really important reasons why:

  • People expect brands and companies to have a presence on social media sites. If they are looking for you there, you should be able to be found. If you’re a professional blogger, you aren’t just a mom on the Web anymore. You are also a brand.

  • You can’t expect the conversations to come to you. You have to go out and be a part of the conversations where the people spend their time online.

  • Social media sites can send a significant amount of traffic back to your blog. This is especially true of bloggers who have vibrant Facebook pages with thousands of fans.

  • Brands that work with bloggers seek out people who are influential across the Web, not just on their blogs. If they were to choose between a blogger with more traffic or a blogger with less traffic but with a very large following on social sites, they’d most likely choose the latter.

    This is because they know that they can get their brand message into your community both on your blog and on Facebook and Twitter where there are millions of users.