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Apply to Join an Ad Network for Your Mom Blog

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

Each of the most popular ad networks with mom bloggers has unique criteria that it requires of the publishers it works with. Each of them has a website with an application page that you can fill out to apply to join its ad networks.

Here they’ll ask you general questions about your blog and how much traffic you have. If you have more than one website that you want considered, be sure to include all your URLs in the application.

Almost all the applications will request your current traffic levels. Don’t be tempted to fudge your numbers here, because when you start running its ads, it will know exactly how much traffic you actually do have. It’s appropriate, though, to combine the traffic from multiple websites you own — as long as you’re applying for all of them to join the ad network together.

Sometimes filling out an application isn’t enough to get a response. When your application is ignored by an ad network, track down other bloggers in the network’s program and ask them for a specific person whom you can contact.

This helps in several ways. Sometimes getting the referral of a friend is enough to push your application to the front of the line. Other times, you’ll get the exact reason why they ignored you. The ad network may not be taking new applications at this time.

Occasionally ad networks have private selection criteria that you didn’t meet, and at least you can get a personal response letting you know what you have to do to get approved in the future.