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Analytics Programs for Online Community Management

By Deborah Ng

Many analytics programs are available for use in tracking your online community, some of which are free. With the exception of Google Analytics, which is probably the most comprehensive free stats tool available, many of the free services are bare-bones products that require you to pay for an upgrade.

When you’re searching for a stats package, do your research. These programs aren’t created equal, and you want to find the one that best suits your brand and your community’s needs. Some recommendations are

Take some time to check your stats and analytics tools each day, but save time once a week to look at the results and do some heavy analysis. Note trends, how campaigns are working, where people are coming from, and anything else that you feel is significant and noteworthy. Use your notes to tailor future content and campaigns.

For example, if you notice you’re receiving traffic from other websites talking about a promotion you’re doing, consider future promotions appealing to the same groups of people.