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An Online Community Manager Must Be Accessible

By Deborah Ng

Because the online community manager is considered to be a spokesperson for your business, you’re the person your community will want to reach out to when they want information about the brand. Thus, you need to post contact information where your members can easily locate it.

Here are a few ways to share contact information with your community:

  • Blogs: Post contact details on About or Contact pages, which should be listed in tabs at the top or in the sidebar of each blog page.

  • Forums: Create a sticky, which is a geeky term for a forum folder that doesn’t move from the top of the page. Most forums have main Welcome folders that contain any rules and regulations, as well as a place for new members to introduce themselves. Place your sticky contact-information subfolder in the Welcome folder so that new members can find you easily and older members remember how to find you.


  • Facebook pages: Use the profile function to list contact details in the information area on your page. Contact details will appear on your company Facebook page’s sidebar. To add your information to your sidebar, click Edit Pages and look for the “Basic Information” function. Click Basic Information and add your contact details to the appropriate spot.


  • Twitter: Twitter profiles don’t have much room for contact details, though you can squeeze them in if you’re so inclined. You can also create and upload a Twitter background page that lists all your contact details so that people know how to get in touch with you.

    Several free and paid Twitter background services are available on the web if you’re not sure how to do add this information on your own. A few good places to find Twitter backgrounds are,, and

Most social networks have profile or bio areas where you can add as much or as little information about your company as you like. Be careful not to list too many personal details, as you don’t want people contacting you at home (if they can, they will) or via improper channels.

Post contact information at eye level so that members don’t have to scroll up or down to read it and they can see it at a glance.