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Add Imagery Guidelines to Your Blog’s Style Guide

By Melissa Culbertson

Images on your blog are important to your blog design and your branding. Some things you might want to include in this section of your style guide are

  • Recommended width of images for your blog post: Include widths for both horizontal and vertical images.

  • Sizes for design files: In addition to images for your blog posts, you may end up creating designs for

    • Your blog’s Facebook page

    • Your Twitter profile

    • Your Google Plus page

    • An e-mail newsletter

    • Your sidebar

    • Social media icons for your blog

    • More places to extend your blog design

    Because you probably aren’t updating most of these design files frequently, you save time by not having to search through old files for the right size. If you use a design program like Photoshop that saves a file that you can edit again, then you might not need to list file sizes.

    However, if you use a program like PicMonkey, then listing file sizes in your style guide comes in handy because you can’t edit a file again once you leave the application.

  • Pinterest-friendly image formatting: As Pinterest (a social media site for bookmarking and sharing links via images) increases in popularity, many bloggers are creating images with text to grab someone’s attention on Pinterest. For Pinterest images, write down things like the following:

    • Colors

    • Fonts

    • Branding (Do you use your logo? URL? Watermark?)

    Keeping within some parameters will keep you from spending too much time re-inventing the wheel every time you want to create a new Pinterest graphic.


  • Images not to use: Are there certain styles of images you don’t want to use? For example, when using stock photography with models, you might decide that candid shots work better than models who are posed.

  • Preferred image sources: If you find yourself using stock images or illustrations over and over from certain artists, include a list of favorite artists and links to their profiles on the places where you source their images.