Ad Networks for Mom Bloggers - dummies

Ad Networks for Mom Bloggers

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

Part of Mom Blogging For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The best ad network partner is one who will run ads that are a great match for your blog content. That way, the ads will be as relevant as possible to your blog readers. The following list provides many great ad networks, several of which might just be the perfect match for your blog:

  • Adversal focuses on many different topic areas and will take newer publishers with at least 2,500 page views a month.

  • BlogAds was the first ad network for blogs, offering bloggers plenty of control over which ads to accept.

  • The BlogHer Publishing Network is a leading news, entertainment, and information network for women.

  • Burst Moms Network reaches out to moms on sites that they turn to every day to manage their lives and households.

  • BuzzLogic is a large ad network that spans many different topic areas.

  • CafeMom is another well-established mom ad network.

  • Cox Digital Solutions is a “network of networks” with over 200 niche ad networks (such as real estate, food, education, and so on).

  • EverythingMom Network is for Canadian moms.

  • Federated Media focuses on independent publishers with a loyal following.

  • GlamMedia is one of the largest ad networks targeting women.

  • HerAgency is a women-oriented advertising representative agency that will sell ads just for your site (not as part of a group of sites).

  • HotChalk is for educational sites.

  • Lifetime Moms is a smaller ad network for mom bloggers.

  • Martha’s Circle is the Martha Stewart blog network.

  • Moms Media is a “vertical network” that focuses on reaching moms with advanced targeting options.

  • MTV Ad Networks is for music, entertainment, and kids/family sites.

  • RadiumOne is a multimedia ad network incorporating mobile, gaming, and social networks.

  • Rivit Media is for DIY and crafting blogs.

  • Social Spark is a blog marketing platform that connects advertisers with bloggers to create sponsored blog posts.

  • Sponsored Tweets is a Twitter advertising platform; the site offers in-depth targeting and analytics.

  • Technorati Media is an ad network for bloggers in wide variety of topic areas.

  • Tribal Fusion is one of the largest ad networks; they only accept publishers with over half a million visitors a month or more.