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Ad Network Acceptance for Your Mom Blog

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

Most — but definitely not all — ad networks have a minimum level of traffic that your blog must have before you can apply to join. It might be a number of page views or number of unique visitors. Sometimes the threshold is low enough that most established bloggers can qualify. Some require half a million monthly unique visitors or more — these ad networks don’t work with many mom bloggers!

Even if your prospective ad network doesn’t have a minimum traffic requirement, most require that your blog topic and audience fit a certain target audience. There are ad networks for food bloggers, craft bloggers, home décor bloggers, political bloggers, technology bloggers, and even pet-loving bloggers.

Of course, several large, established ad networks target a more general audience of women or moms. While these aren’t so narrowly focused, they’re considered some of the biggest powerhouses in the industry, so they attract very large brands and good advertising rates.

The last thing that most ad networks will require is that you display at least one of their ads above the fold. That means the ad is at the top of your blog pages and is visible without the user having to scroll down. This is considered your premium real estate in regards to ad placements, and the most likely place for your readers to click the ad.

You really can’t have more than one or two ads above the fold without cluttering up your blog design and turning off readers. So you’ll need to ensure that your blog template can accommodate an ad placement in your blog header and/or at the very top of your blog sidebar.

It’s important to note that your choice of blogging platform can influence your ability to get into an ad network and how much you can earn from advertising. users are not allowed to display advertising at all. Certain levels of LiveJournal accounts require that you display their ads on your blog, which will prevent you from displaying your own ads or those from your ad network.

And while you can display ads on blogs, you’ll never have the kind of control over placement and functionality that you can get with a self-hosted blog. For bloggers who are serious about making money on their blogs from advertising, using a professional content management system is a real must.