A Checklist for Creating Your Blog Design - dummies

A Checklist for Creating Your Blog Design

By Melissa Culbertson

Part of Blog Design For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Designing a blog requires some care and attention. As you work through designing your blog, follow this checklist to ensure you don’t miss any major design elements.

  • Understand core design principles.

  • Create goals with which to align your design.

  • Build a style guide as you work through your design.

  • Gather design ideas through research, brainstorming, and your blog analytics.

  • Determine the fonts for your blog design.

  • Decide which colors to use and how many.

  • Select on a blog layout type and blog theme for the shell of your design.

  • Create a blog header.

  • Design a blog background or select a background color.

  • Add relevant content to a blog footer.

  • Work search engine optimization into your blog design.

  • Ensure your blog is mobile-friendly.

  • Create a navigation menu.

  • Determine what goes into your sidebar and design graphics if needed.

  • Decide how to work design into your blog posts.

  • Add navigational elements, like ways to explore new and old content.

  • Incorporate design and images into your blog pages.