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7 Ways to Conquer Writer’s Block as a Blogger

By Amy Lupold Bair, Susannah Gardner

Every blogger encounters writer’s block at one time or another. If you’re the type of blogger who pushes content out daily, writer’s block can be downright stifling. Not able to take a break to get your writing mojo back? Try one (or more) of these seven ways to beat writer’s block to get you back in the blogging game in no time.

  • Create a list: People love lists! Do you typically write a lot of prose? Do you tend to blog in-depth how-tos? Switch things up and post a list of your ten favorite somethings, or create eight posts about something that you adore. Remember to ask for permission before sharing any images from other sites in your list. And don’t forget to link back and give credit where credit is due!

  • Poll your readers: Not sure what content to write for your readers? Ask your readers. One great thing about people is that they all have opinions, and your readers may be ready and willing to give you a whole variety of great blog post ideas.

  • Conduct an interview: Consider reaching out to someone you admire — maybe even another blogger — and ask them to grant you an interview. An e-mail with a list of questions may quickly turn into a list of questions and answers that can easily be pasted into a blog post.

  • Ask for a guest post: Although some bloggers don’t allow guest posts because a blog can be a very personal space, other bloggers enjoy guest posts from time to time because it provides them with a break while providing readers with a fresh perspective. This is a great way for new bloggers to find new readers as well!

    A guest post is a great way to get through a period of writer's block.
    A guest post is a great way to get through a period of writer’s block.
  • Recycle an old post: Not sure what to write this month? Check out what you wrote six months ago. You may find that an old post can be polished, updated, and made ready for a whole new set of readers who now visit your blog.

  • Check out Google Trends: If you aren’t sure what seems interesting to you right now, you may want to see what interests others at the moment. Google Trends, shown in the following figure, shows you what topics are hot right now in Google Search.


  • Write outside your niche: Sometimes the best way to break out of writer’s block is to break out of your niche. Are you a recipe blogger? Try writing a personal post! Do you journal online? How about sharing a photo essay about a recent vacation?