What Spirituality Can Do for You - dummies

By Sharon Janis

Part of Spirituality For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Knowledge of your true spiritual nature can transform your entire world because the world you know is inherently limited by your ability to know it. The journey of spirituality gives you new eyes through which to see. You still see the same world as before, but it is nothing like before:

  • Within every joy and behind every sorrow, you begin to perceive the same underlying exhilaration of being alive.

  • Your uncomfortable feeling of being separate from the world begins to dissolve into a subtle sense of oneness with all things.

  • You take greater responsibility for the circumstances of your life as you realize that everything around you is a reflection of your inner being.

  • Even when you’re totally alone, you know that you’re never really alone.

  • When you’re aggravated by an outer circumstance, you can sense that it is only a reflection of some deep lesson your soul is struggling to learn.

  • As the ups and downs of life come like waves to your shore, you ride them with acceptance and detachment, knowing that your true home is in the ocean’s great depths — in the peaceful calm beneath the ever-changing waves of worldly life.