What Is the Supreme Surrender? - dummies

By Sharon Janis

Supreme surrender is a combination of inner faith and letting go. Supreme surrender is like a drop merging into the ocean. The drop surrenders its smallness and becomes one with the great ocean. With supreme surrender, you’re not giving up or waving a white flag, nor are you feeling weak or inferior when you truly surrender.

Surrender helps your spiritual journey in many ways, including:

  • Surrender helps you remember you that you’re here to grow.

  • Surrender helps you accept that sometimes you need challenges to grow.

  • Surrender helps you understand that spiritual principles are not about making everything in your life perfectly comfortable and easy, but to help you be in greater harmony with the great divine universal nature so that you can achieve your highest potential.

Supreme surrender is a magic salve that allows you to more easily remove the layers of wrong understanding, fear, anger, limited desire, and all those other not-so-goodies that you know all too well.

In fact, many people think they are all those false layers and therefore want to hold on to them that much more tightly. This is where supreme surrender comes in. You release the grasp of your small self and fall into the hand of God.