Understanding the Three Aspects of Mindfulness - dummies

Understanding the Three Aspects of Mindfulness

By Shamash Alidina

Part of Mindfulness For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Mindfulness has three different aspects that operate together seamlessly to bring about a state of mindful awareness. Print out and pin up this list to remind yourself of what these are.

  • Intention – Your intention is what you hope to get from practising mindfulness. You may want stress reduction, greater emotional balance or to discover your true nature. The strength of your intention helps to motivate you to practise mindfulness on a daily basis, and shapes the quality of your mindful awareness.

  • Attention – Mindfulness is about paying attention to your inner or outer experience. Your mindful attention is mainly developed through various different types of meditation – either formal, traditional, or informal – when talking, cleaning or driving, for example.

  • Attitude – Mindfulness involves paying attention to certain attitudes, such as curiosity, acceptance and kindness.