Take a Mind-Body Minute to Relax - dummies

Take a Mind-Body Minute to Relax

By Therese Iknoian

Have a minute? Take a mind-body adventure. Keep it simple. Allow it to take you where it does each time. For example, you can use your mind-body adventure to:

  • Explore what burbles up on its own

  • Get in touch with a feeling you didn’t realize was so strong

  • Re-energize yourself by filling yourself with chi

  • Meditate to clear your head

  • Calm yourself. You can take many roads to get to your destination. That’s the beauty. The route you choose is the best part, especially because you can change it each time.

The following steps give you one way to enjoy a short mind-body ride.

  1. Sit comfortably on a firm chair with a straight back. Sit up tall, but relaxed so that your spine is straight and comfortable. Put the soles of your feet flat on the floor.

  2. Place your hands on your knees, palms turned upward if you are in need of gathering more energy in, or palms turned down if you need to calm down and ground yourself more.

    If you take a moment in an office or someplace with people around you, just leave your arms relaxed on your legs (if you don’t want to stand out).

  3. Close your eyes, if you’re comfortable with doing so. Otherwise, leave them open, especially if you’re around other people. If your eyes are open, turn your mental focus inside away from the bustle around you.

  4. Now, inhale fully and exhale fully, then let your breath return to a regular pattern, but still deep and regular.

  5. Feel any heat or energy you can coming up through the soles of your feet; follow the energy with your mind as it travels up your legs, and your spine, stopping to circle around your heart.

  6. Send the energy circling up into your head, then back down the front of your body, letting it pour out toward your hands, before returning back to your torso.

  7. You can pull more energy in through your feet and let it cavort around your body again, or even several times.

  8. To finish, acknowledge that presence of energy and calm, inhale fully again and exhale fully, and come back to the present.