Spirituality: The Basic Idea - dummies

By Sharon Janis

Part of Spirituality For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Spirituality is the one accomplishment that blesses every aspect of your life and remains with you even after your time on earth is done. Spirituality brings you in touch with the great eternal nature of life. It invigorates and inspires your soul to reach for the highest and to do what is right instead of what may be easy or comfortable. Spirituality is like a stream of wisdom that flows through your very own being and guides you on your path.

Some ways spirituality can manifest include

  • Being conscious of the subtle power of grace that pulsates behind the physical appearance of your life

  • Experiencing a higher universal love and respect for all, instead of only feeling connected with certain people

  • Remembering that there is infinitely more to you and everything else than can be known by your mind and senses

  • Surfing the waves of life with a lighthearted view that nurtures a positive sense of humor

  • Staying aware of the divine nature of life as you move through events and experiences with faith, optimism, and an unfettered heart

  • Coming into your true inheritance and divine birthright as a human being

  • Developing a mature approach that allows you to appreciate simplicity and peacefulness

  • Achieving an ability to see the spiritual even in the ordinary

  • Making your relationship with the divine more important than your relationships with this world

  • Coming into your true inheritance and divine birthright as a valuable human being