Practice Patience through Mindfulness - dummies

Practice Patience through Mindfulness

By Shamash Alidina, Joelle Jane Marshall

Mindful meditation isn’t guaranteed to bring you joy and peace every time you practice. It’s a skill you develop. Patience is an attitude that can help you with mindfulness. Patience can be challenging to cultivate, especially when you live in a world where everything is available now — fast food, fast communication, instant shopping and instant results!

Try these ways of cultivating the attitude of patience:

  • When you feel impatient, ask yourself, ‘Why am I feeling impatient?’ After you ask that question and start considering possible answers, you change your state of mind from impatient to curious — a more mindful place to be in.

  • Being on a tight schedule or multitasking can lead to impatience. Consider reducing your work load, delegating some of your tasks and just saying no more often when people ask for help. Being too busy is synonymous with impatience.

  • Identify triggers that get you feeling impatient in your life. Make a list of them. Now reflect on why these situations make you feel impatient. What’s the underlying cause of the feeling? Let go of those underlying sneaking thoughts and experience some freedom from the feeling of impatience. Who says you have to be busy all the time? You don’t.

  • Keep a journal for a couple of weeks, recording when you feel impatience, what you were doing and what thoughts and other feelings you were having. See if you can notice any patterns. Begin to notice if impatience is more related to your state of mind rather than outer circumstances. Insights like this can lead to a reduction in impatience.

Do one activity every day for a week that requires patience and record your progress. Be creative and choose a different thing every day. Whatever you choose, notice what effect it has and see if you become a little bit more patient as the week goes on. If you notice no improvements, try it for a couple more weeks.

Exercises in Patience
Day Patience Exercise How Did You Feel as You Did the Exercise?
Monday Walked home a longer route and looked at the trees. Frustrated at first but began to enjoy it towards the end.