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How to Untangle the Web of Desires

By Sharon Janis

The web of desires is made up of all the strands of information and misinformation that have been built around you since the day you took birth into this world. It is this web of multifaceted desires that drives you into so many different directions.

Here is a technique that can help you look at and uplift everything in your life:

  1. First you accept that on some level, you’re creating everything in your life.

    If you don’t fully understand or believe that you are a co-creator, you can still use this technique as a contemplation exercise and pretend that you are ultimately responsible for everything in your life.

  2. Next figure out why you’re creating certain things that you don’t want to have in your life.

    For example, if you have problems with your boss, co-workers, family, and friends, you can look at what subtle perks may be coming from those conflicts.

    Why would you have created a particular hostile situation? Maybe you like the drama, or maybe having other people look at you in a negative light helps keep you humble or feeds some dark corner of your own shadow beliefs about yourself or others. In this step, you consider and contemplate what the possible reasons might be for creating certain seemingly unwanted things in your life.

  3. Once you’ve accepted your seat as co-creator and have considered what may be motivating you to create certain things in your life, then you accept everything in your life with nonresistance and a sense of gratitude.

    This combination of acceptance and gratitude breeds the very powerful state of contentment.

  4. Now, from a position of contentment, authorship, and empowerment, you decide what changes should be made in your life.

    If some useful benefit is coming from an unwanted situation, find ways to derive the same kind of benefit from positive, wanted situations.