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How to Measure Your Mental Fitness for Mind-Body Wellness

By Therese Iknoian

Okay, this is a mind-body book, so what about your mental state and attitude? There are certain principles basic to all mind-body practices. But you need to do other mental preparation, too.

Listen to your body

This ain’t no competition, especially when you’re in your own living room or backyard (as if the dog cares). Always listen to your body and stop if anything hurts, feels uncomfortable, or otherwise just isn’t pleasant. This exercising — be it traditional or mind-body — is about feeling good.

Follow your muse

Forget deciding to do Pilates-inspired movement just because “everybody else is,” “my neighbor says she loves it,” or “I just read an article in the newspaper about it.” Try a practice that sounds like it’s something you will like and stick to. Who cares if Madonna does Yoga or Drew Barrymore is dedicated to Pilates. This is the time to be selfish and think about you.

Take heed of your gut feelings

If an exercise or movement doesn’t feel right to you, forget it. Move on. Leave it out. Change it. Try a different method. Go find a teacher or class to see if you’re doing it right. Take action. But don’t ignore what your gut feelings tell you.