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How to Fit Mind-Body Techniques into Your Morning

By Therese Iknoian

Why not start your morning with mind-body techniques? One as simple as watching the sunrise. There is something magical about watching the sun rise — the colors, the majesty, the power, the reverence, painting everything in preparation for the day, prompting a wake-up to people still at rest. Sunrise has a stillness that can create an oasis in a normally frenzied day.

If you aren’t used to being awake at sunrise — or you’re awake only in the grumpiest of moods and not usually at your choice — try it. Choosing to get up early makes all the difference in how you feel about it. (But make sure to get enough sleep the night before.)

In the morning, go out onto a deck, a patio, or into a quiet room near a window. Go someplace where you can see the sun rise. Just sit and experience the sunrise. Even if you don’t have time to do your full routine, just take five minutes to meditate a little, to go inside yourself and feel a little, and just experience the quiet.

This time may be your only chance before the alarm clocks go off, the kids race through the hall, your roommates pound on the bathroom door, or your spouse starts asking you about the evening plans.

If you are used to being up at sunrise, take time to look at what you see. Use the time to fuel yourself for the day with some mind-body activity, such as 10 minutes of Yoga.

Sometimes writing down your ideas helps you to organize your time more easily. Try jotting down your answers to the following questions.

  • Where can I go to watch the sunrise?

  • How much time can I spend there?

  • What exercises can I do?

  • How many times a week can I do this?

  • On what days?