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How to Find your Energy Flow in Mind-Body Workouts

By Therese Iknoian

No matter the level of a mind-body workout, each one has its link to focused energy flow. Rather than gripping or clenching and stopping the energy flow — sort of like a kink in a hose — if you breathe, loosen up, and let the movement happen, you can “unkink” your energy hose and feel the healthy and healing power flow through your body.

You hear everything from the term chi (which translates loosely to “life energy”), to power, to intrinsic energy, to vital life force, to breath of life, to prana, to . . . the list goes on.

All mean one thing, no matter how esoteric or concrete the term: Everybody is born to this Earth with a life force or energy central in their core and in their body. Many people throughout life block that energy because of cultural or physical reasons.

It’s just not okay in some cultures to feel much, let alone discuss something so ephemeral as energy flowing in the body because it isn’t scientifically proven. There is some thought — although again not scientifically proven —that not admitting to or recognizing feelings can actually cause some diseases.

Feeling the energy flow can be a very emotional and even healing experience — and a very scary experience. This energy flow may not be the experience you seek immediately. That’s okay.

As you begin to feel those movements, you may become more comfortable with your physical power center. When you become more comfortable with your physical power center, you can slowly become more curious and more comfortable with your mindful power center and a potential release and flow of its energy.

For now, you’ve got all the fundamental concepts down . . . turn off your brain, breathe and relax, while you warm up and cool down with great posture and a neutral spine, while using your power center to stimulate your energy central.