How to Enjoy More Being in Everyday Life - dummies

How to Enjoy More Being in Everyday Life

By Shamash Alidina, Joelle Jane Marshall

The sense of being, of presence, is your natural state of mind. Children are usually in being mode, living in the moment and unconcerned about achieving long-term goals or worrying about the past. To enjoy more being mode, simply begin to let go of the habitual tendency to constantly do all the time.

Here are some mindful practices that help to engage you in being mode:

  • When waiting in a queue, rather than killing the time, engage your awareness. Notice the colors and sounds around you. Or challenge yourself to see if you can maintain the awareness of your feet on the floor for ten full breaths.

  • When you’ve stopped at a red traffic light in the car you have a choice. You can feel frustrated and impatient, or you can do traffic light meditation! Nourish yourself with three refreshing, mindful breaths.

  • The next time the phone rings, let it ring three times. Use that time to breathe and smile. Telesales companies know that you can ‘hear the smile’ on the phone and ask employees to smile when they’re on a call. You’re in a more patient and happy state of mind when you speak.

  • Change your daily routine. If you normally drive to work, try walking or cycling for part of the journey. Go a slightly different route on the school run. Speak to different friends or colleagues.

  • Take up a new hobby. When you change your habits, you engage different pathways in the brain. You instinctively wake up to the moment and just are.

Make a list of all the things that you need to do today. Then prioritize. Ensure that you put mindfulness on the list too! That goes at the top!

Put some things on your to-do list that aren’t urgent but fun, such as reading a novel or taking the kids to the cinema. Non-urgent activities give you a chance to have a breather from energy-draining doing mode. Try doing some of the fun or pleasant activities without feeling guilty for doing so!

You can be in being mode when you’re doing something. In fact, this is a major benefit of mindfulness. You can be busy working hard at cleaning the house and if your attention is right in the moment, you’re in being mode.

Have an entire day once a week where you’re relatively technology free. A flashing mobile phone light and constant Internet connection just encourages you to be back in doing mode. If you work a normal nine to five week, maybe choose Sunday as your day to be without. Take the kids for a walk in the park, play a game or read a book if it’s raining.

If anyone urgently needs to call you that day, give them your landline number.