How to Depend on Spirit - dummies

By Sharon Janis

The only thing you can depend on is God, and that if you can really, truly depend on God, He will bring a steadiness to your life and a protection that can’t be found in any other dependence.

In life, people become dependent on so many things. You may be dependent on family members, on a lover, on your children, on your employer, or on friends. And if you’ve been dependent on anyone for any length of time, you’ve likely discovered that none of these people are always, ultimately, consistently dependable.

People are people, and people have flaws. People have self-interests and their own opinions about what’s right — which may conflict with yours. Not everyone will do what you think you would do in a particular situation, and perhaps even you wouldn’t do what you’d think you would do when confronted with certain circumstances.

You can’t depend on your job, you can’t depend on your house, and as many learned during the 1994 Los Angeles earthquake, you can’t even depend on the earth to remain stable.

Everything changes over time. Your best friend can become an enemy and vice versa. Your children who love and depend on you may grow up and complain about what you didn’t give them. Husbands and wives can lose the spark of love and cheat on one another when just a few short years earlier they were committing their entire lives to one another.

What can you depend on in this topsy-turvy world?

The thing about God, in whatever form you may choose to think of — Him, Her, It, and so on — is that you’re taking refuge in something so unbelievably pure that it can’t be properly represented in the world of mental images and labeling systems. God is like a divine fire, and everything you put into that fire becomes pure.

Can spiritual power help you to get rich? Sure. Can it make a person you love fall in love with you? Quite possibly.

Nevertheless, unless you’ve first surrendered to knowing you don’t know and to being open to inner and universal guidance, you may end up making wrong wishes and bad choices based on ignorance or greed that actually set you back in your soul’s journey, bringing future pain. Therefore, keeping your intentions pure during the process of spiritual evolution is of the highest importance.

Indeed, you can live a magical life of blessings and fulfillment while staying open and receptive to the divine Will. By surrendering your small desires into a bigger trust in a benevolent universe, you open yourself to greater fields of experience than you may have ever imagined to ask for.